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Access Control Software Features

· Real-Time Monitoring – Terminals use Push Technology

· Optional Integrated Time & Attendance Module

· Optional Integrated Meal Management Module

· Unlimited Users

· Device Configuration and Management

· Time Zones – Up to 12 transaction bands

(start and end times) for each day

· Access Times

· Custom Access Areas

· Define Access Groups

· Access Group Scheduling

· Anti-Pass Back

· Admin Authority Management


· Records Transactions and Events

Automatic Email System Alarms / Events

· Smart Card Layout Configuration

· Terminal Management

1) Auto Detect Terminals

2) Configure Common Terminal Settings

3) Define Wiegand IN&OUT Interface Protocol

4) Setup Siren Times

(used to ring a bell or siren to indicate start or end of work)

· Flexible Template Management and Enrollment

· Flexible Data Selection

· Save to .CSV file

· Blacklist User Management

· Message Broadcast Facility

· Displays Real-Time Alerts on User Defined Site Diagrams


T&A Software Features

· UNIS T&A is a Module of UNIS and shares a Common Database

(USB Dongle Required)

· Shifts Config

1) Limited to 99 shifts

2) Each shift has a start and end time

3) Define when an employee is late or leaves early

4) Multiple shifts can be worked on 1 day

5) A shift can have up to 5 breaks per day

6) A shift can commence on the previous day (paid on day OUT)

or end on the following day (paid on day IN)

· Flexible Shift Schedules (9999 Patterns can be Created)

· Monitor Tardiness

· Calculates Hours Worked by Rate

· Auto Process Transactions

· Modify Clockings and Hours

· Custom Report Layouts

· Transaction Reports

· Summary Reports (Late, Early Departure, Absenteeism, Break Time)

· Output to Payroll (requires regional customization)